Be well educated and prepared for labor and birth. Know all of your options. 

You will learn how to stay healthy and low risk during pregnancy and how to prepare your body and your mind for this journey. You will learn comfort and pain management techniques and how to work with your body so that you can naturally cope with the sensations of labor. Partners will learn how to support a pregnant mother, a laboring mother, and a nursing mother. You will both learn to work as a team to achieve the birth you desire. You will learn about the perfected natural process and why it is best for most moms and babies. You will learn what normal, real, non-Hollywood birth looks like. You will be well educated on common interventions and medications so that you can make an informed decision on these options. You will be educated on what to expect from a long labor, a short labor or any of the many variations that can occur. You will know the options available to you in your area and what to expect from your care provider and place of birth whether you choose to birth in a hospital, a birth center or at home. An intensive labor rehearsal is included in this class to help you learn to utilize the techniques you have learned before the time arrives. Relaxation exercises are included in each class to help you and your baby stay connected as well as help you learn to slow down and listen to your body.

Birth is not just one day, it is the beginning on your journey as a mother and a family.  You will learn how what to expect postpartum and how to nourish and care for your body so that you can nourish and care for your baby. You will learn breastfeeding benefits and techniques. You will learn newborn care and options for your baby after the birth, what to expect in the weeks and months after your baby arrives and gentle parenting techniques.

Included with every class is an information packet with studies, articles, recipes etc and access to my lending library of natural birth and parenting books, unlimited email access for questions or specific concerns and recommendations for local professionals. 

Classes include: 

• Connecting with your baby and your body before birth
• Safe, effective comfort techniques
• Natural methods of pain management
• How partners can actively assist during labor
• Nutrition and pregnancy specific exercises
• Optimal Fetal Positioning
• Stages of labor and birth
• Writing an effective birth plan
• Choosing the care provider, birth place, and support team for the birth you desire
• Complications and interventions